Electronics & Software

Reverse Engineering

We have a wide range of reverse engineering skills

Embded systems

Need something custom, speak to us

IT Services

Need help with IT from an Motorsport point of view? speak to us


Have a custom project or need some assistance with an existing service or product. speak to us

Engines and Tuning

Remapping Factory ECU

We have 20 years experience in tuning factory ECU's.

Standalone ECUs

We have experience with: Link, ECU Master, Emerald, Omex, CANEMS, Speeduino, Megasquirt, SCS Delta, GEMS, Bosch Motorsport, Haltech, DTA, Syvecs and many more

2WD and 4WD Dyno

We have 2WD and 4WD Dynos avaialble

Injector Testing

We can test almost all petrol injectors


Got a running issue with a vehicle? Leave it to us, we really do have the widest range of diagnostic equipment in Wales.

Client’s Feedbacks


Well what can i say about the team @Llandow spoke to Damien a few months ago about trouble i was having with car . So booked in for a tune up diagnosis etc well brilliant say no more the car was checked saw the issues put his many years of experience into it . Gave me a few pointers whats next is get them done and book car back in thank you so much team drove home with a lot of smiling


Having had a bad map 3 years ago from a company 3 hours away I decided to try llandow tuning. From the first chat it was clear I had come to the right place. Within a hour the car was mapped. Dpf and egr sorted and no eml. Car pulls well now and no issues at all. Excellent service and would highly recommend. Will definitely use them again. Cheers guys


Audi a5 b9
I had my dpf off, but the light from the dashboard won't disappear, I had to drive with the car in limp mode around 4 mounth as nobody knew how to fix it, However when I went to this garage he knew exactly what to do and were the problem is, first tunner who actually have knowledge about what he's doing l, not like the other who just uploading a map made from somenelse.
Highly recommended


Excellent service from Damien and the team at Llandow Tuning! Very professional, great prices and very helpful! I will definately be returning in the future, thanks again!


Took my Saab up, and after two hours there it's like driving a new car. Friendly and knowledgeable folk, and at a pretty good deal for what they provide

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